Buzz Boat Water Taxi

Bar Hop In Ocean City! 

No Lines, No Cover, No Traffic and No DUI

Why fight traffic in Ocean City? Travel by bay and arrive in style at the back door with no line and no cover.

Bring your favorite cocktail on board for the ride. We have a wide selection of music to make your cruise more enjoyable.

The Buzz Boat Operates between Sunset Island on 67th St North to Sunset Marina stopping at Fagers Island, Macky's, Seacrets, Fishtails, Reel Inn Dock Bar, Angler, MR Ducks, Marina Deck , Harbor Side, The Shark, Captain’s Galley, Sunset Marina and Mickey Fins

Find any dock and The Buzz Boat will come to you. Call 15 min prior to pick up.

 $25 per person each way (minimum 4 passengers)

Call 561.512.ASAP (2727) 

and tell us where you want to go hassle free.

What makes the Buzz Boat Water Taxi special?

The Buzz Boat is one of 4 boats like it in the country. The length is 25 feet and 9.5 feet wide. The boat is made out of aluminum, is flat bottom and jet driven with a wing air tube that wraps around the boat. This allows the Buzz Boat to approach other vessels at anchor without damage to their boats or anchor lines.

The draft is between 6 and 8 inches depending on the load. The boat can cruise at 25 knots with up to 11 people in less than a foot of water. The wing tube that wraps the boat keeps the draft shallow.

The buzz boat operates at any large function on the water where boats are at anchor.


The Buzz Boat is insured for $1million Liability and can be extended to include additional payees. 

Smoking is not permitted on the Buzz Boat as stated by Law from the USCG.